Hello friends! I'm so glad you decided to visit! My name
is Lilian and I'm the owner and designer of White Lemon
Designs. You might be asking yourself, what does
"White Lemon" really mean? Well, growing up I've
had a habit of keeping everything as tidy and as clean
as possible and I translate that aspect of my life into
my designs.

I love all things white... if you come into my home,
you'll find a lot of white! The cabinets, tile, furniture, bathroom, desks... white just reminds me of a clean
feel you can't replace with any other color. And lemons? Well, for as long as I can remember, I have loved all
things sour – and lemons were my favorite. Growing
up I could eat lemons by the slice while others watched
and winced beside me. Now, I love to use lemons to
clean my home, freshen up a jug of ice water or add
that special touch to a homemade dish.

My love for designing started at a young age when I
would draw, watercolor and paint all the simple things
grown-ups often missed. It wasn't until high school
when I realized putting things together in a program
called Adobe PageMaker could actually yield a tangible printed piece like a yearbook! Through my adult life,
I began to design newsletters, posters and almost
anything I could get my hands on to continue refining
my craft. And it was as soon as my own wedding
planning had begun, is when my love for designing
custom event stationery grew. I just love the idea of
going to an event or big celebration and seeing a certain theme, special motif or logo repeated and infused into
even the smallest detail, leaving guests impressed
and totally blown-away.

Life's too short to let each celebratory event just pass
by without that special touch, and I hope you will
consider allowing me to help make your occasion that
much more memorable with a clean & simple design
to wow your guests with!