Aug 10, 2014

Maui Destination Wedding

The better portion of 2014 was designing this Maui destination event stationery for our ten-year anniversary celebration. As some of you may know, it’s a lot of pressure to design something for yourself (we are always are worst critic) but also to share something you design for yourself to those who know you, like your friends and family! Looking back, I know I couldn’t be happier in how I summed up the last 10 years.

For my envelope liners, I watercolored the island of maui and used a heart to signify the location where our festivities would be taking place (as well as the location of where we got married 10 years ago).

I wanted the invitation set to be set apart from the save-the-date cards I sent out, but still tie into the colors/theme of ‘escaping’ away back to Maui where our story first began in 2004. With it, I thought of creating a tri-fold card that would have half of my heart and half of my husband’s which would meet, then open up to “our” timeline. I picked out the most life-changing events that we’ve had to date and used just one word to sum up that event with a small illustration.

2004- the year we said “i do” and got “Maui’d”
2006- when we purchased our cozy little home and “Nested”
2008- is the year we “Adopted” not one, but TWO siberian huskies named Yuki and Kuma
2009- when our life changed for good as we “Added” to our family with our firstborn son, Branden Eliot Kee
2012- are we crazy? we “Multiplied” with another boy this year and started pushing a double-stroller around with Joshua Anson Kee on board
2014- reflecting back and holding hands we “Celebrate” all that has happened and how our family has grown in character, joy, and love these last ten years

On the back, I featured a map-like scene with all the hotel details for our guests should they choose to join us. For my reply cards, I wanted to keep in the spirit of traveling so I decided to create a postcard along with a close-up beach scene (if you’ve noticed, it’s the same beach that is featured on the save-the-date cards which was illustrated after a photo of the beach where we got married in 2004).

All in all- even without a big party, I am so grateful to be able to share my 10-year journey of marriage (and family life!) with my friends, family and world through my designs and of course, these printed pieces that I’ll cherish for years to come!

All cards in the above featured set were custom illustrated by myself, and were letterpressed with two colors and printed on Cranes Lettra #110 cover. Save-the-dates by Mama’s Sauce and Fold-out invitation & flat reply cards by Clandestine Press.

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